October 2 is Energy Efficiency Day.

But efficiency is year-round. 

Save Money. Cut Carbon. Breathe Easier.

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On October 2, 2019 a growing network of advocates, companies, government agencies, utilities and others will showcase the benefits of efficiency during the fourth annual Energy Efficiency Day.


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Local governments, universities, organizations, corporations, and utilities are participating in #EEDay2019

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Energy efficiency is an easy way to make a difference on climate

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Since 2011, you've helped save 41B KWh of energy with our Nest thermostats, which is enough to power roughly 3.9 million American homes for a year. #EEDay2019

#BoulderCouncil is declaring Oct. 2 Energy Efficiency Day. Find out how you can be energy smart at https://t.co/XQvBHASQ2q & get involved in the city's climate's efforts at https://t.co/7OuBzSg435. #EEDay2019 Watch council at https://t.co/EbkTKknUw1

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