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What is Energy Efficiency Day?

Energy Efficiency Day (October 5) is a collaborative effort between regional and national organizations, business, utilities, and individuals working to promote energy efficiency: the cheapest, quickest way to meet our energy needs, cut consumer bills and reduce pollution. Our goals are to:

Raise awareness of the energy issues we all face and what we can do to fix them


Help individuals and businesses save money through education on efficiency techniques


Unite people who are passionate about cutting energy waste and conserving resources

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What does Energy Efficiency mean for me and my community?

Energy efficiency not only helps you save money on your energy bill, but also helps reduce the amount of electricity produced. This means fewer fossil fuel power plants, reduced pollution, and lower rates for everyone. And, it creates local jobs adding to the 2.2 million employed in energy efficiency across the U.S.

An LED light bulb uses at least 75% less energy and lasts at least 10 times longer than incandescent lighting (ENERGY STAR™-certified bulbs may save even more energy and can last up to 25 times longer)


Investing in energy efficiency creates local jobs that can't be exported. According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy,2.2 million energy efficiency jobs employ workers nationwide as of 2016


An energy-efficient washing machine washes the same amount of laundry using 35% less water and 20% less energy than standard washers


A well-sealed and insulated house leaks less heat in the winter, and less chilled air in the summer, and requires less energy to stay comfortable


Save at home by reducing demand, and save collectively by reducing investment needed for new power plants


Capturing waste heat from industrial processes to generate additional heat and power has saved up to $20 million a year for some companies


Nominations for the Champion of #EnergyEfficiency in #buildings are now open! Submit yours by June 1. #Summerstudy18

Energy efficiency benefits public health: 15% reduction in US electricity use = 6 lives saved daily, 30K asthma exacerbations avoided, $20BN health costs saved annually. Via @ACEEEdc at #climatesolutionsconference

#Energyefficiency upgrade to Cathedral in Cleveland lights the way to savings—thanks to an assessment from @COSEenergy @GCPartnership program

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