Energy Efficiency Day 2016

Photo courtesy of Hawai’I Gov. David Ige

#EEDay2016 was the first unified, national energy efficiency campaign of its kind. It demonstrated the tremendous power of energy efficiency advocates working together. More than 175 companies, government agencies, cities and others signed up as official supporters, and many more expressed their support through social media.

Twitter was aflutter.

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And we made waves from coast-to-coast (and beyond!)

Hawai'i Joins In

To show just how serious the Aloha State is committed to saving energy, Governor David Ige proclaimed Oct. 5 as official Energy Efficiency Day in Hawai’i. Check out this Flickr photo album from the proclamation ceremony.

Vote With Your Thumbs

Many elected officials tweeted their support for #EEDay2016, including Senator Ed Markey, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker and Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero.

Government Support

Several federal government agencies such as the U.S. Dept. of Energy, and White House CEQ expressed their support, as well as state and local agencies such as the Massachusetts Dept. of Energy, Nevada Public Utilities Commission and Lakewood, OH, City Councilman Tom Bullock.

Business & Organizational Support

Cox Enterprises capitalized on #EEDAY2016 by sharing energy-savings tips for businesses. Ohio-based Efficiency Smart also took the opportunity to share energy-saving tips for consumers.


Energy research and consulting firm Synapse Energy used #EEDay2016 to highlight some of its recent energy efficiency projects.


Big businesses led the charge on Twitter, with tweets from Honda, Bank of America, Microsoft, Dow Chemical and many others.

In The Media

On Oct. 5, Think Progress and Nexus Media published this story about the great work of groups like Elevate Energy to help low-income residents save on utility bills. The same day, Nexus Media also ran this story about the power of peer pressure to save energy.


Hawai’i News Now ran a great energy-saving segment and interview with Hawaii Energy Executive Director Brian Kealoha, plus ThinkTechHawai’i ran a long TV segment about #EEDay2016.

Laughter is Efficient.

A number of partners had fun with photos, and even poems, on #EEDay2016. Some of our favorite cultural references include this Harry Potter gif; Homer Simpson contemplating a thermostat; and Austin Powers’ Dr. Evil. Energy Solutions produced an entire comic strip! Boston Green Drinks celebrated #EEDay2016 with the nerdiest
ice cream party ever
But the clear winners of the unofficial #EEDay2016 meme contest were the fine folks at the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, who chose pop culture icons Ryan Gosling and Game of Thrones to promote the wonders of energy efficiency. MEEA also led the charge on #EEDay2016 haikus, though others quickly followed with haikus (and even limericks).

#EEDay2016 showed what’s possible when energy efficiency proponents come together! We are looking forward to an even more successful #EEDay2017!